The Harmonizing Alignment Process

  • Do you feel stuck, lacking balance, stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Does your life feel like it’s lacking somewhere, life is just happening in front of you?
  • Do you want to rediscover yourself, find your purpose, feel motivated, energised and inspired?
Harmonizing is a ground-breaking emotional wellbeing process founded by Dawn Breslin of Harmonizing Life who has spent 25 years in the coaching industry. She is a published author, TV and radio presenter and is respected around the world for her work in wellbeing

This 10-step process strengthens and prepares us to make the essential life changes we need to live in harmony with our true potential and our natural flow of energy and vitality.

Deep down, we probably know what is needed to make the changes we crave. However, self-sabotaging thinking patterns and limiting habits may have depleted our confidence, resilience and energy, blocking us from the joy and ease of living and thriving.

Harmonizing is a gentle step by step process, similar to a car being serviced, whereby aspects of our life are systematically reviewed and re-aligned to strengthen our foundation of confidence, courage and resilience. By re-aligning our life choices with our core values, positive thinking patterns and optimal behaviours we power up our whole system (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) to realise our full potential.

This enlightening, step by step, self-awareness and life re-connection process guides us to create lifelong habits of self- compassion, self-responsibility and self-trust. It expands our creative thinking, develops our intuitive connection and opens up previously unimaginable possibilities for change in our lives.   

Harmonizing does not require us to have an end goal of vision for our lives, instead it systematically builds up our confidence, courage, creativity and resilience; igniting NEW goals, dreams and visions for our future.   

Harmonizing awakens our true selves, enhances our relationships, increases our energy and opens us up to a fresh, new, balanced and sustainable way of living. 

During the sessions I will support you to 

  • Nurture and prioritise yourself
  • Set boundaries and cultivate an environment where you will thrive
  • Balance your energy output with energy input to activate clarity, creativity and productivity
  • Overcome self limited beliefs
  • Tune into your deepest needs and desires, then activate courage to accelerate potential

The Transformation

You will feel motivated and inspired to create the life you want to live

You will rediscover what really matters to you,your strengths, who you have always been, your own unique talents and reconnect you with your passions and purpose

You will begin to live in harmony and live life with a greater sense of ease, joy and lasting fulfilment.