I love getting to know people, really connecting with people and building relationships.
I always have.


I’m naturally curious about people and I value loyalty, integrity and creativity. Through our sessions we will explore what it is you want for your future and what you need right now to overcome the challenges. Coaching is a process of inquiry and not a long list of questions off a sheet of paper, it works best when it’s done from the inside out. By that I mean, I will listen to your story and examine your beliefs and assumptions that hold your story together.  I do ask questions, questions that you possibly have never asked yourself however my role is focused on helping you, use your creativity and resources to see beyond your view of the world and what’s blocking you.


I really do feel joy when my clients realise how resourceful they really are and I get to witness their growth, learning and transformation. What’s not to love about being a coach when you see your client light up because they feel more committed and alive than they have in a long time. Its magical. What I believe is that when we think differently, we do differently.


I serve my clients powerfully, I create space for my clients to think, to know that I am fully present in their world, listening to understand. I listen with my ears, eyes, heart and intuition. I support you to open new avenues of thinking collaboratively as your travelling companion.


I’m quite an energetic person, I like having fun and love to laugh so where possible I like to bring fun to the coaching too. Some would say, who needs a coach? I say why wouldn’t you, think about the benefits of living the life you truly want.



Are you really struggling to really know what you want and how to get there?

Are you feeling stuck in a rut or at a crossroads, feeling overwhelmed?


Do you want to identify and challenge beliefs that are holding you back?

Do you wish you had more confidence and self belief so that you can live the life you truly want?

Do you feel unsupported, not listened to?


Do you want to share your challenges where you can be totally open and honest?

Does the fear of success outweigh the fear of failure?
Do you feel you are achieving less than you should be?

Start your journey