Before I became a coach,  I spent 20 years working in recruitment and HR.

The last 4 and 1/2years of that period of my life was being part of a start up manufacturing company with 6 highly skilled people as an HR Manager. During those years I learnt so much both personally and professionally and will always be grateful for the trust put in me to deliver on so many different projects.

To be part of a business that started in a warehouse full of racking and transformed into a successful brand with a £30M turnover, was incredible. My biggest achievements were recruiting a workforce of over 200 people in a diverse range of roles and contributing to the people structure of the business. Every single day I was being stretched outside of my comfort zone, I was constantly challenged and had many moments of imposter syndrome.

I was always told I was doing a great job: I realise now I was, but at the time I never really believed in myself. You see I had the same doubts as many people do, my inner critic telling me I wasn’t good enough. I loved the team I had recruited, I cared about them, I nurtured them but something just did not feel right. I wasn’t happy, why? I’d lost my spark. The biggest lesson I learned, I realised, was that telling people what to do just did not inspire me. It wasn’t congruent with who I am or my values.

My days as an HR Manager were over. I knew I wanted to work WITH people but not the way I was. Fast forward 3 months and a massive leap of faith. I enrolled on the 2 day Coaching Academy Life Coaching Foundation weekend. Within an hour I was truly transfixed, THIS WAS IT, this was what I knew I was going to be doing for the rest of my life.

Working WITH people, no judgements, no assumptions, supporting them with understanding and compassion to create the life they want to live. I signed up for the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, graduating with a distinction grade, completed DISC accreditation and continue to learn every single day. My own personal development is incredibly important, I’m hungry to keep learning. I have my own coach and have met some incredible people on my coaching journey so far. These people have enriched my life and to you all I am truly grateful.

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