My journey into wellbeing, coaching and harmonizing came from a natural curiosity and passion for people. I started out in the world of recruitment several decades ago and I was naturally comfortable encouraging candidates to grow in their careers. I progressed up the career ladder leading to a role as an HR Manager in a start-up business. It was here that I mentored, nurtured and developed a growing workforce of 250 people.


The role took all of my time, energy and focus which resulted in my own well-being suffering. I was putting everybody above my own needs which resulted in burnout, exhaustion and imposter syndrome. I felt totally overwhelmed, I was a single mum working 14 hour days and had lost my sense of identity and purpose.


I knew at this point, things had to change, I wanted to rediscover who I was and enjoy all aspects of my life again.


I enrolled on the 2 day Coaching Academy Life Coaching Foundation weekend. Within an hour I was truly transfixed, THIS WAS IT, this was what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life.


Working WITH people, no judgements, no assumptions, supporting them with understanding and compassion to create the life they want to live. I signed up for the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, graduating with a distinction grade and completed DISC accreditation


Following the sudden and traumatic loss of my beautiful big brother David whose death was profoundly painful for me I attended a workshop by Dawn Breslin of Harmonizing Life and knew intuitively that I had to study, train and qualify to become one of her Emotional Wellbeing Harmonizing Coaches. This process transformed my life, her teachings not only inspired and energized me, she held me and supported my healing. I really believe what happened in my darkest hours allowed me to find my light. Life is a soul journey, we need to nourish ourselves, we all have our own natural rhythms and when we honour them by knowing when we need to rest and reset, we give ourselves the best opportunity to grow and fulfil our potential. I’m still very much a work in progress, I’m still growing and I’m grateful I am. It’s taken me years to understand who I am up to this point of my life, in fact I’m still learning and I love that. The difference now is I feel a deeper sense of calm and happiness.

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