“I’ve never had coaching sessions before and Helen came in my life when things were becoming difficult and I was getting close to burning out. The coaching allowed me to focus on my goals without feeling overwhelmed. The sessions gave me strength, time to reflect and focus. In the time I’ve been with Helen, I’ve improved my work/life balance and she gave me the strength to publicly speak about a sensitive issue at an awards ceremony where I won Inspirational Person of the year. Helen, I can’t thank you enough for your patience, support and believing in me.”


Khatra Paterson
MD of KP Aesthetics Ltd

“I have worked with several coaches over the years and Helen stands “head and shoulders” above them all. Helen is able to challenge in a very positive, inspiring fashion. She also is able to re-focus me on comments/beliefs that i have previously made. I always feel that Helen is listening intently to what I am saying. Incredibly warm and supportive and fun, Helen has helped me to think big and believe in myself without comparing myself to others. Thanks to Helen, I am running my race in my lane and enjoying every minute of it!”


Chris Green
Communication Coach & History Speaker

“Helen first helped me to identify my personal goals. We focused on 2 separate goals, initially my desire to write creatively, then my goal to manage more effectively some staff at my workplace. Regarding the creative writing: Helen helped me to decide when and how I would write. We agreed tasks that I would complete and she encouraged me to set timescales which really motivated me to complete the tasks. We reviewed my achievements in the next session and this helped me to see how successful I’d been. Regarding the staff, Helen helped me to see more clearly how to understand the different people’s personalities so that I could tackle them more effectively, in a way they would relate to. Again we set targets for me to work on between sessions and achieving these made me feel very positive. I now feel more confident and have new strategies in my toolbox to work with.”


Alexa Sneath

“Understanding myself better is a major step for me in becoming more understanding and effective with the people in my life. I completed the DISC assessment with Helen’s business and I found it to be incredibly insightful and thought provoking. Helen’s detailed follow up analysis was expertly prepared and well structured. I found the whole process invaluable. Highly recommended!”


Anthony Zvirblis
Area Sales Manager